Slanghoek Triathlon Day programme


Saturday 27th October
05h00 Iqela Staff open venue start preparations
06h00 Registration opens
06h15 Bike Racking starts
07h00 Water points and marshals placed on the MTB course
07h45 Transition closes for racking (Visual confirmation of Traffic/ Medics on site)
08h00 First wave starts (SHORT MTB ALL MEN)
08h30 Last wave starts (SHORT MTB ALL WOMEN & TEAMS)
09h30 first athletes expected in
11h45 Transition Opens
12h30 Prize Giving

Sunday 28th October
05h00 Iqela staff at the venue
06h00 Registration opens
06h15 Bike racking starts
07h45 Visual confirmation of Traffic police presence
07h40 Transition closes for Standard Tri participants, sprint can rack until 08h45 on top section
07h40 First wave starts. (ROAD LONG OPEN MEN)
08h10 Second wave starts (ROAD LONG VET MEN, MASTERS MEN & TEAMS)
08h40 Third wave starts (ROAD LONG ALL WOMEN)
08h45 Transition closes for Sprint Tri participants
09h10 Fourth wave starts (SHORT ROAD ALL MEN)
09h40 Last wave starts (SHORT ROAD ALL WOMEN & TEAMS)
10h00 first athletes expected in
12h30 Transition Opens
13h00 Prize Giving