Race Entries
Competitors must confirm during Registration which category they will compete in. Changes to their classification will NOT be made after the event has started.
Ages and Age Restrictions will apply as of 31st  December of the year of the event. You will be penalised and disqualified from participation should you not adhere to the restrictions as listed on the specific event rules.
4. Event General Rules
4.1. Ignorance of the rules is not admitted as an excuse.
4.2. It is the racer's responsibility to maintain adequate hydration. Organizer will provide hydration stations on the bike and run.
4.3. Cutting the course: Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A rider/runner is required to stay on the designated trail that is marked and or specified as the racecourse. It is the rider's/runner’s responsibility to know the designated racecourse. Lack of tape or barrier on the course will not be constituted as an excuse for cutting course.
4.4. Conduct: Foul riding or running, unsportsmanlike behaviour or the use of profane or abusive language is grounds for warning, relegation, disqualification or fine.
5.  Withdrawal / Substitution Policy
5.1 NO refunds will be given for cancellation of entries.
5.2 Substitutions, we  allow substitutions to be made to race entries provided that they are done directly through our offices. Athletes wishing to race under someone else's entry must apply to do so with us and pay the stipulated administration fee (R50). Substitutions will not be permitted after the specified date per event rules. Please note that athletes caught racing under someone else's number without filling in the necessary documents will be disqualified and banned from the event for two years.
5.3 Changes to entries
Athletes wishing to change their entries through downgrading or upgrading, must do so directly with our office. Please send us an email on No changes will be made after the specified date.
  • Downgrades: where the price of the new entry is lower than the original entry athletes forfeit a refund for the difference of entry fee.
  • Upgrades: where the price of the new entry is higher than the original entry, the athlete must pay the difference of entry fee.

5.4 Racing under someone else’s number
Please note that racing under someone else's number has serious consequences. If you are in an accident, we will not know who you are or who to call. You will also not be covered by race insurance. Should your accident cause injury to someone else, they may not be covered by race insurance. In addition, you will probably also be racing in the wrong category and will upset the official results and placing’s - effectively cheating other athletes out of their rightful positions. You will be disqualified and by race referees.